Before We Built This…

Chris Before Chris After2

… we demolished this.

“Our builder was preparing to demolish the foreclosed home we had purchased before he could start building our new dream home in Hinsdale.  It seemed wasteful that everything in the old home was going to end up in the dump, and we had to pay someone to take it there!

Fortunately we heard about Demo-Pro (now Before U Demo).  After speaking to Terry it seemed a no-brainer to hold a demo sale before the demolition.  I met with Terry once, gave him the keys to the tear-down, and he took it from there.

Terry and his crew helped return many of the materials, including a lot of the landscaping, to use.  My wife and I felt good knowing that the entire home wasn’t going to waste, and the ‘free money’ we earned from the sale helped offset the cost of the demolition.  It was a total win-win!”  Chris